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Women love the luxury and allure of long flowing locks, and yet many do not
have the length, volume, or even the patience to grow their hair out.  With the
help of Cinderella Hair extensions, this dream can, in fact, become reality.

Quality:  Cinderella Hair uses Indian Remy hair.  Indian Remy hair has the
texture of and closely resembles "European" or Caucasian-type hair.  "Remy"
is a term used to describe superior hair that is cuticle correct.  This simply
means that the cuticle on all the hair is laying in the same direction, which
prevents the matting and tangling that occurs with non-Remy hair.  When
applied, the cuticle will also flow in the same direction as your own natural
hair, creating a fantastic shine.

Care of Hair:  Indian Remy hair is the most desirable virgin hair because of
the way it has been cared for and protected.  In many cultures young women
shampoo, condition and keep their hair covered and protected from the
elements.  The hair is never colored, highlighted, permanent waved or
chemically treated.

Coloring Process:  Cinderella Hair's unique coloring process uses a super
permanent color
.  This process gives the hair a longer lasting color and
great shine.  First and foremost, this hair color will never fade, oxidize or
change color in any way.

Bonding Material:  Cinderella Hair uses a clear bond that is scientifically
developed exclusively for our hair extensions.  The unique patented organic
protein formula allows the bonded extension hair to become color
coordinated with the bond.  The transition from your natural hair color to the
extended hair becomes nearly impossible to detect.

Consultation for Cinderella Hair Extensions:

Hair extensions are not for everyone.  I provide a complimentary initial client
consultation to see if Cinderella Hair extensions are right for you.  During the
initial client consultation you will be given a service estimate. Please allow 30
minutes for the initial client consultation.  If you decide to purchase Cinderella
Hair extensions, a non-refundable deposit is required.  Cinderella Hair
extensions will last four (4) to six (6) months with proper application and
maintenance.  If you have any questions please call me at
(254) 773-4401.  

Thanks, Nikki
Cinderella Hair Extensions applied by Nikki Potter November
2010. Before and after photos.  Click to enlarge.
Cinderella Hair Extensions
application photos by Nikki
Potter.  Click to enlarge.